Who We Are

Hello Persian has been registered in the UK, and has strong commercial partnership with a large number of societies, organisations, establishments, economic institutes, and consultants. The company has effectively participated in the world of international business, marketing, media, advertising, and public relations in order to efficiently introduce human values and long-term ascendancy goals in attempt to fulfil people's requirements in Britain.

HelloPersian.com is transforming the concert business by expanding its concert platform into ticketing and building the industry’s first artist-to-fan vertically integrated concert platform.

  • Our mission is to maximize the live concert experience.
  • Our core business is producing, marketing and selling live concerts for artists via our global concert pipe.
  • The vision is to successfully progress and develop in different fields, societies, communities, and cultures while enabling the community to develop and improve in our channel.

Hello Persian in Media

A quick walk through our history

Director's Note

I would like to express gratitude to all clients using our site and services. A site full of emotion, energy, and culture aiming to introduce the world of today with knowledge of yesterday and vision for tomorrow.

I would like to appreciate the work of our fellow colleagues over the past few years. We are glad to have the opportunity for a fresh sensation into the world of media and entertainment, a space full of innovation and technology, knowledge and experience, science and ideas, life style and family.

The website has been launched in support of organising large vibrant concerts and events, publishing a monthly bilingual magazine and trial online TV and Radio broadcast.

Our presence in this competitive market could not have thrived in absence of your full support and affection. Hello Persian appreciates your warm, loving and emotional messages of encouragement in this challenging way.