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Fill out your event’s profile and craft its digital prospectus to attract sponsors. Include event details, pricing for sponsorship offerings and an overview of the event, its attendees and what sponsors can expect. Our team will review your posting before it goes live.

HelloPersian.com also functions as your sponsorship management agent. Manage discussions with prospective and contracted sponsor(s). And, you can share contracts, invoices, receive files and payment all within our platform.

It costs nothing to register and post events in HelloPersian.com, when you successfully sell a sponsorship, the secure transaction happens within our system and both parties are protected. We deduct our fee from the sponsor's transaction.

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Whether you are a B2B or B2C brand, HelloPersian.com sponsorship is a targeted channel that you can leverage to grow your brand’s exposure. Search thousands of events and filter by event category, artist, location and keywords.

When you are ready to begin the negotiation process, you can contact us to deal with the event organiser directly. Your privacy is protected and only sponsors can initiate negotiations with organisers.